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Advertising Sales

Advertising on Quark VS InDesign.com is an excellent way to reach a large, highly focussed group of print design and production professionals. We offer a unique time-based ad insertion system backed by a guaranteed number of impressions. Several ad sizes, high visibility placements, and extremely competitive rates complete an ideal platform from which to broadcast your message.

For complete information, including traffic and circulation data, available units, and current advertising rates, please visit the Advertisers’ Center.

Product Reviews

Sending NFR and review copies of products and books related to the focus of this publication for possible review is welcomed and encouraged. To obtain a mailing address—or to deliver an ESD download location—please e-mail Review Labs, or telephone:  503-422-7499.

Tips & Press Releases

Quark VS InDesign.com welcomes your story tips, press releases, and other news related to Quark, QuarkXPress, Adobe, InDesign, InCopy, or closely related topics. Please e-mail the information to Tips Line. Please do not call with tips. If we run with the story, you will be credited. Requests of anonymity will be honored.

Write for Quark VS InDesign.com

Quark VS InDesign.com is always looking for good war correspondants. If you have a story, story idea, or just a burning desire to write about this titanic battle of the desktop publishing giants (and you have clippings), Quark VS InDesign.com wants to talk to you. Open the dialog with a synopsis or writing sample via e-mail to the Submissions Editor.

Letters To The Editor & General Comments

Please address letters to the editor or general comments via e-mail to the Editor.

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