Free QuarkXPress to InDesign CS4 Conversion Guide

BY Pariah S. Burke
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Free 58-page ebook from Adobe helps you plan a migration and smooth your transition from QuarkXPress to InDesign CS4.

InDesign CS4: Top 10 New Features

BY Pariah S. Burke
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Our favorite new features in InDesign CS4.

Nested Styles: An InDesign Secret Weapon

BY Samuel John Klein
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Mix it up in the nuts and bolts of character styles, then put the pieces together for power.

InDesign CS3: Mastering Design Collaboration

BY Pariah S. Burke
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Whether you need to collaborate with the person over the cube wall from you or across the planet, InDesign CS3 has several powerful ways to coordinate joint efforts among creatives. In this excerpt from the new book Mastering InDesign CS3 for Print Design and Production, author Pariah S. Burke will help you build an efficient, effective collaboration workflow.

Adobe InDesign Celebrates a Decade of Publishing Innovation

BY Pariah S. Burke
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Company Marks 10-Year Milestone with Limited Edition Anniversary Book

Adobe InDesign CS4 Family Drives Personalized Publishing for Historic Print on Demand Book, The Obama Time Capsule

BY Pariah S. Burke
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Adobe Technology Integrated into HP Print-on-Demand Platform

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Now Shipping

BY Pariah S. Burke
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Milestone Release Radically Improves Creative Workflow Efficiency; Redefines Collaboration Between Designers and Developers

SoftCare has Turned Into vjoon

BY Pariah S. Burke
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The Hamburg-based developer showed its publishing platform K4 6.0, designed for Adobe CS4, at its 4th International User Conference. The first public presentation will take place at IFRA Expo in Amsterdam.