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Established 1 January 2003, Quark VS InDesign.com is the pre-eminent authority on the war raging between the publishing workhorse of the 1980s and 1990s, QuarkXPress, and nimble new competitor, Adobe InDesign—the so-called “Quark Killer.”

From the freshest news, deepest product reviews, creative and original how-to tutorials, timely tips and tricks, and engaging feature articles, Quark VS InDesign.com serves not only coverage of QuarkXPress, InDesign, and their war for the multi-billion dollar desktop publishing industry dominance, but also the topics surrounding them. Covered on this Website are all the tools, technologies, and events concerning professional InDesign or QuarkXPress users.

More than anything else, Quark VS InDesign.com is known for its unflinching, unbiased editorial and its ability to see the core of events in the graphic communications industries, approaching subjects and stories from the perspective of in-the-trenches publishing professionals.

Every story on Quark VS InDesign.com is written to answer a single question: What does this mean to the creative professional trying to do a job?

Ensuring that that question drives the reporting, writing, and editing of every story for more than three years has made Quark VS InDesign.com a resource respected throughout the world. It has been quoted or referenced in nearly every creative industry publication and Website, as well as in several national and regional newspapers and magazines. In addition to the thousands of creative professionals from hundreds of countries visiting this Website daily, it is a resource frequented by Adobe and Quark employees, and often recommended by technical support at both companies.

The Staff

Pariah S. Burke: Owner, Editor, and Creative Director
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Samuel John Klein: Associate Editor
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Quark VS InDesign.com began as a category on Pariah S. Burke’s personal blog, I Am Pariah.com. There it became an often cited and popular resource for news and opinion regarding QuarkXPress and InDesign, earning in 2003 the number one and two Google rankings for the phrase “Quark sucks,” a mantra among QuarkXPress users. Quark VS InDesign.com continues to hold that distinctive ranking today.

In January 2005 Quark VS InDesign.com officially emerged independent of I Am Pariah.com to become a blog-style news site of its own. In September 2006, the blog-style of information presentation was cast off to enable greater publishing and presentation flexibility, and to enable readers to more easily locate specific content.


Quark VS InDesign.com was designed entirely in Adobe Illustrator CS2, with all valid and accessible XHTML, PHP, and CSS code written by hand in TopStyle Pro (Windows) and TextWrangler (Mac).

Monotype’s Georgia and Arial serve as the primary copy typefaces of the site due to their onscreen legibility and readability. Certain graphical elements are set in Adobe’s Myriad Pro family and Blackoak. Quark VS InDesign.com uses exclusively OpenType fonts in its design.

Quark VS InDesign.com is powered by Pariah S. Burke’s WORKFLOW:WebPublish™ Content Management System running atop a highly modified base of WordPress, an open source blog application.

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