Portland, Ore. — 29 January 2007 — Quark VS, the Authority on the War Between Desktop Publishing Giants QuarkXPress® and Adobe® InDesign®, today announced an open competition to redesign the icons for Adobe Creative Suite 3, CS3-version, and other Adobe software products. The contest is open to graphic designers, illustrators, interface designers, and skinners anywhere in the world. A cornucopia of software, books, and videos are offered to three winners in a prize chest valued at more than US$7,000.

In late December 2006, Adobe revealed a portion of its branding scheme for the next generation of Adobe applications, including the upcoming Creative Suite 3 and all CS3-version point products like Photoshop, InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator, and Acrobat. Except in a few instances, the branding scheme, which incorporates all the formerly Macromedia-published products, foregoes the symbols and iconography familiar to creative professionals from previous versions of the applications of the last 20 years in favor of color-coded, two-letter symbols for each application. The branding change has met with passionately polarized opinions—some creative professionals adore the new icons while others despise them. Without taking sides or expressing its own opinion, Quark VS created the Design Your Own Creative Suite 3 Icons Competition to give users of Adobe products the opportunity to express their visions of the perfect Creative Suite 3 application icons.

Pariah S. Burke, publisher of Quark VS and contest organizer said: “Creative Suite 3 as well as upcoming new versions of formerly Macromedia products and the rest of the Adobe product line have customers excited. This contest is a chance for them to communicate their excitement to Adobe in the language creative professionals speak most fluently—visual design. Moreover, all the icons entered into the competition will be made available to the public for free download, which allows the excitement to perpetuate.

“Now that Adobe has shown how it sees Adobe applications, Quark VS is asking users of Adobe software to show how they see their favorite tools, to communicate their visions in the unique and challenging art form of 128×128-pixel canvases. When all the entries are assembled together on Quark VS it will be a gallery of voices from around the world articulating their appreciation for the coolest software I can imagine.”

The Competition

The Design Your Own Creative Suite 3 Icons Competition on Quark VS (…sts/2007/cs3iconred/) states that the competition is open to all “citizens of planet Earth . . . even Adobe employees”. Only the organizer’s employees, partners, and relatives are excluded from entering. Additionally, anyone wishing to contribute icons to the collection without competing in the contest may check a box on the entry form.

Each entrant may submit up to three suites of icons for consideration in the competition, and the icons may be for any Adobe CS3 application and/or QuarkXPress.

Entries are being accepted from 29 January 2007 through 23 April 2007, with winners announced a week after the deadline.

Complete information about the contest, as well as an entry form, is available today on the official contest page at:…sts/2007/cs3iconred/.


First, second, and third place winners will divide a more than 50-item prize chest valued at more than US$7,000 and consisting of software, services, CDs and DVDs, and books by the industries top experts. Many of the books are signed by their authors.

The complete list of prizes to be awarded to winners of the Quark VS Design Your Own Creative Suite 3 Icons Competition can be found at…s/2007/cs3iconred/3/.

Gallery of Free Icons

All icons entered into the contest will be made available on Quark VS for free download as both Mac- and Windows-compatible icons, with credit and links to their creators. Icons will be published on the Website concurrent with announcement of the winners on 30 April 2007, just in time for the expected release of Adobe Creative Suite 3.

About Quark VS

Everyday millions of design and production personnel the world over produce tens of millions of pages of newspapers, magazines, books, advertisements, and other printed material in page layout software; that work is done almost exclusively in InDesign or QuarkXPress. Historically, the graphics communications industries have not long tolerated two equal applications for the same tasks, opting instead to standardize across the industries on one. With billion dollar empires standing on either Quark or InDesign, a rivalry as bitter and legendary as the Hatfields and the McCoys, the world’s unblinking eye scrutinizes their every clash.

Quark VS ( is the authoritative correspondent in this bloody war, chronicling every salvo of each battle between entrenched publishing workhorse QuarkXPress, which ruled unchallenged for over a decade, and InDesign, the nimble newcomer built by the company that pioneered desktop publishing and developed every other standard application in the print designer’s tool belt, Adobe Systems, Inc.



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